Keeping air cooled launching the Paul Stephens Le Mans Classic Clubsport

911s are synonymous with style, sophistication and outright sports racing wins. Paul Stephens, together with Peter Auto and its famous Le Mans Classic event, launched a limited-edition, hand-crafted piece of 911 auto art, aided by PR agency Newspress Creative.

Working to a tight deadline and brief, Newspress Creative helped ensure media attendance at both its London and Le Mans-based launches, as well as creating and issuing its press materials to ensure global coverage.

Regarded as an exemplar of attention to detail, Paul Stephens starts with an original 911 body tub, which is then restored ahead of conversion into its Clubsport model. Comprehensively rebuilt to as-new condition, it features the Paul Stephens’ `less-is-more ethos’ and includes lightweight de-seamed roof panel (including sunroof delete), lightweight composite bumpers and engine cover, lightweight aluminium bonnet, lightweight soundproofing and aerodynamically-designed lightweight external mirrors.

Available in a more accommodating Touring specification, or a rawer Lightweight guise, just ten of these hand-finished and numbered examples will be released, marking the ten outstanding Classic Le Mans events; every one being an inspired celebration of a revered classic.

Newspress Creative continues to support the Paul Stephens team on its journey from London to Le Mans and beyond.