Perfect track record – resurfacing the racing line at Silverstone

Making sure that an iconic circuit lives up to its reputation is vital – especially when it’s home to the British Grand Prix, and the site of the first race in the then newly created World Championship of Drivers in 1950.

Earlier this year the world famous Silverstone Circuit venue asked Newspress Creative to document the challenge of relaying one of the most famous racing lines in the world, to show the care and attention that goes into maintaining the track’s surface.

Filmed as experts spent four weeks covering the 3.66 miles to a depth of 60mm, the finished result will not only provide better grip for the cars, but also aid water drainage during adverse (British) weather.

With the venue set to hold over 40 racing events in 2018, excluding track and experience days, the new high-performance asphalt surface is set to last another ten years to continue the track’s legendary status into the future.