Going viral in an Elise with Elisa Artioli

Reunited with the iconic car that bears her name, Elisa Artioli paid tribute to one of the most renowned and lightweight sports cars ever made, the Lotus Elise, and drove her first ever laps of the Hethel test track.

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Returning to the home of Lotus in Hethel, Elisa was reunited with the second Elise ever built, and the first down the production line – a car she was famously photographed with in 1995. As well as the surprise reunion with the Elise, she took to the famous Hethel test track for a series of laps behind the wheel in a Lotus Exige Sport 410 and Evora GT410 Sport.

The second-ever Lotus Elise was there to surprise and delight. Elisa Artioli, who also owns a Lotus Elise, was in awe when presented with the second road-going Lotus Elise, which was used as a development car and latterly a press car for photography. It remains in single-ownership by a Lotus expert and this special Elise has clocked nearly 130,000 miles since 1995.

The granddaughter of Lotus’ then Chairman, Romano Artioli, Elisa was the original inspiration for the car’s name, and was present for its launch in 1995.