Start-up launches to get car paperwork into this century

If you’ve ever lost your V5, an important invoice or been put off buying a car without service history, carvault could be the way to help motorists.

Helping the owners of classic and collector cars maintain provenance and maximise future value, carvault, a new UK-based start-up, has launched an innovative cloud service to safely store and manage the entirety of a vehicle’s documents and service history.

The web-based carvault subscription service can be quickly and easily accessed via a desktop or mobile-friendly web app, allowing both owners and dealers to upload a car’s paper-based history on a secure digital platform.

With a large portion of any car’s value tied up in its history, carvault and its founder Benjamin Willis understand that curating any car’s past and preserving it online is key to its future value. Preventing lost, stolen or destroyed documents, carvault ensures that any paper-based history is protected forever with a digital copy. What’s more, this portfolio of documents can even be validated through the company’s community of knowledgeable enthusiasts and specialists.

From old invoices, certificates, tax records and even historical V5s to prove provenance, carvault’s secure, blockchain-inspired solution digitally preserves a car’s history and protects the vehicle’s value. Should paper copies be lost, stolen, or destroyed, carvault has the secure, digital copy back-up that cannot be changed or deleted.

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