The voice of the motorist – from classics to competition cars and everything in between

Car insurance is one of the biggest annual costs for any driver. For some, a car is a just tool to get them for A to B, but for like-minded enthusiasts their two and four-wheeled machines are irreplaceable – and so need to be carefully insured and protected.

Newspress Creative has been appointed by Footman James, with the simple brief of delivering relevant and engaging content – designed to specifically appeal to is tens of thousands of customers. With a broad portfolio of services, and catering for everyday cars and bikes, through to high-end collections, and even businesses in the automotive trade, Footman James wanted an agency that was as enthusiastic about the subject as its customers are.

From its website, which coordinates with its social media strategy, as well as the drafting and distribution of the company’s news via press releases on, Newspress Creative has become the content editors for Footman James, working in conjunction with the company’s in-house team.

Delivering insightful commentary, interesting stories and reactive news pieces within the automotive industry, is quickly becoming a go-to destinations for current, past and potential insurance clients, as they read what’s what in the collector, classic and competition car space.

Making sure that the website remains current and constantly updated, Newspress Creative is working with Footman James to ensure that they cover the relevant news from within the business as well as industry-specific headlines. Carefully managing tight deadlines as an agency, and working as an extension of the in-house communications team, Newspress Creative is ensuring the voice of Footman James continues to be one of authority.