Have car enthusiasts ever had it so good?

While the future of motoring is powering up via digital, electrification and driverless technologies, automotive enthusiasts are going analogue. 2018 has seen the introduction of some major players in the classic, collector and cool car space. From print magazines bursting onto the scene to new spaces for car fans to hang out and automotive events being launched, have car enthusiasts ever had it so good?

Focusing on quality not quantity, the value of human interaction and minimising screen time, each one of these 2018 newcomers are here to stay. Analogue anoraks rejoice! There’s a small revolution happening in the automotive enthusiast space and it’s looking very, very cool indeed.

Newspress Creative gives you a run down of the top three newcomers from the second half of 2018.

Caffeine & Machine

A catch-all, open-arms approach that aims to welcome everyone to its café-cum-hotel-cum-restaurant-cum-workshop-cum-events space, Warwickshire-based Caffeine & Machine (C&M) is the brainchild of Phil McGovern and his family.

Despite opening its doors during a wet, windy and wild weekend in October, that didn’t dampen the spirits of C&M’s first attendees. Even though C&M is prolific on Instagram, the brand stands for real-life relationships with cars and the people that like them. From having a coffee with fellow enthusiasts to being the home of amazing mechanics and experts, Caffeine & Machine is about appreciating the machine away from a screen.

Whether your thing is collector cars or clapped-out classics, if you have a penchant for rat rods or an affliction to buying rotten barn finds, or are lucky enough to daily drive a supercar, C&M is built for the drivers – whatever they arrive in.

Luft GB

If you haven’t heard of Luftgekühlt, a celebration of all things related to air-cooled Porsches, then where have you been? Bursting onto the events scene in California and now a must-attend show for automotive fans in the USA, Luft GB was introduced to bring a slice of the American Porsche pie to the UK.

Held at Bicester Heritage and brought to you buy the Luftgekühlt team, Porsche Classic, Pirelli and Porsche specialists Sports Purpose, the first event was held during an unseasonably rainy summer day in July 2018. Already shortlisted for a Historic Motoring Award, keep an eye out for Luft GB’s 2019 dates.

The Road Rat

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“Lately, it's been obscured by a rising tide of cumbersome SUVs and hideous crossovers. But Colin Chapman's dictum 'simplify and add lightness' is as relevant, illuminating and true today as it ever was. _ “What then of this son of a North London publican, who took the elegantly simple idea of garnering speed through efficiency and obsessive weight-excision and, in the years following the Second World War, ran with it? _ “He was not simple. He was complicated. As he would have had to be to achieve what he did. It's him that needs explaining.” _ Taken from ‘Complicate and add darkness’ by Jamie Kitman (@commodorehornblow) in Issue One of The Road Rat _ We’re launching in September, so register now at the #LinkInBio. ☝️ _ The Road Rat. A Thing For Cars. _ The Car Collector’s Quarterly.

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The Road Rat was launched by Coldplay bassist and car fan Guy Berryman and editing genius Mikey Harvey. The duo and a handful of well-known and accomplished contributors created this bible-like magazine that worships everything about cars. With page filled with a story, you’re guaranteed to have learnt something new by the time you put it down (if you can put it down).

The first edition, with more magazines set to follow in February and April 2019, can be purchased here. We suggest you buy two as you’ll undoubtedly want to gift one to someone.

If 2018 is this good, what could be in store for 2019, we wonder…?