The Royal Burgh of Kirkcaldy is the MoT failure capital of the UK, according Government data analysis by consumer champion HonestJohn.co.uk.

The Scottish coastal town has the lowest MoT rate in the country, with just 55% of the region’s 135,000 cars passing the MoT at the first attempt. Plymouth, Dundee and Truro also rank poorly, along with Exeter, Torquay and Hull.

The south east of England has the best MoT record in the UK, with Enfield topping the table with a pass rate of 73.5%. Other towns that perform well include Bromley, Ilford, Romford and Croydon.

The HonestJohn.co.uk MoT Files is the most detailed analysis of Government MoT data in the UK, covering every post code in England, Scotland and Wales. The data is obtained from the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) through the Government’s OpenData scheme and based on millions of MoT tests that take place up and down the country by qualified technicians.

The research also show that the most common reasons for MoT failure relate to defects with vehicle lighting, brakes, tyres and suspension.

Daniel Powell, Managing Editor of HonestJohn.co.uk said: “The MoT Files is designed to educate and inform drivers about the MoT and the potential issues that will results in their car failing the test.

“One of the most surprising aspects to come out of The MoT Files is the amount of regional variations. Harsher road and weather conditions will inevitably put more pressure on a car’s mechanical components and motorists can use the MoT Files to ensure their vehicle is not failing on something that can be easily fixed beforehand.”

Other reasons for regional variations may include higher average mileages in rural areas, and a higher fail rate in areas with traditionally lower incomes.

What many motorists don’t realise, however, is that you can check their car’s MoT history for free, and identify any potential future problems when buying a used car with HonestJohn.co.uk user homepages.

Bottom 10 post code regions

1) Kirkcaldy (KY) – 55.0% pass rate

2) Plymouth (PL) – 55.3% pass rate

3) Dundee (DD) – 55.6% pass rate

4) Truro (TR) – 56.5% pass rate

5) Exeter (EX) – 57.8% pass rate

6) Torquay (TQ) – 58.1% pass rate

7) Hull (HU) – 59.1% pass rate

8) Aberdeen (AB) – 59.4% pass rate

9) Bristol (BS) – 59.6% pass rate

10) Taunton (TA) – 59.8% pass rate

Top 10 post code regions

1) Enfield (EN) – 73.5% pass rate

2) Bromley (BR) – 73.0% pass rate

3) Ilford (IG) – 72.9% pass rate

4) Romford (RM) – 72.7% pass rate

5) Croydon (CR) 71.9% pass rate

6) Chelmsford (CM) – 71.6% pass rate

7) Slough (SL) – 70.8% pass rate

8) South East London (SE) – 70.7% pass rate

9) Dartford (DA) – 70.7% pass rate

10) Southend-on-Sea (SS) – 70.5% pass rate