Why the Geneva Motor Show proves it’s a good time to work in the car industry

Newspress Creative’s Associate Director Mal Hay went for a one-day trip to the Geneva Motor Show press day.

There’s plenty of doom and gloom surrounding the car industry right now – and not just here in the UK – but you’d never have known it from the buzz in the halls of the Geneva Motor Show.

Amidst all the usual razzamatazz, every which way you looked there was a major product launch or an automotive A-lister giving an interview.

But for me, the real excitement this year was not the unveiling of another shiny supercar, although there was more than a few of those. Instead, what struck me was that the halls had become a microcosm of all the different visions and interpretations of how we’ll get from A to B in the years to come.

Will we all be driving electric? Will our commute be powered by fuel cell? Or, with so much autonomous tech on show, will we even be driving at all? How will our kids get around, and will this mean the end of the school run for good?

One thing’s for certain, we’re on the cusp of great change and it’s going to be thrilling to see which of the emerging technologies really gain a foothold and in what direction things will eventually head.

In the short term, most of the excitement’s going to come in the form of the deluge of pure EV models heading for market. And wow, if they end up looking anything like as awesome as the Honda e Prototype, Polestar 2 or Nissan IMq, I for one will be very happy.

But the show also gave a glimpse further into the future and revealed how some manufacturers are beginning to imagine a world where cars no longer look like cars at all and interiors look more like your living room than that of today’s family hatchback.

Who knows, maybe we’ll all end up ordering our new ‘cars’ online before taking them down to Ikea or DFS to get them furnished.

I for one can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

And one thing’s for certain, if you’re into cars, it’s a great time to be alive.