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Working directly with the Brabham Automotive team Newspress Creative was instrumental in the global unveiling and media launch of the track-focus hypercar the Brabham BT62. Involved in media strategy and planning from the start, the agency was responsible for the production, publication and distribution of all press material to a tightly controlled schedule. Working in a five-month window, the staggered campaign teased details of the new car in the lead up to its unveil in central London.

Entrusted with the details of the car, including specification, pictures and video content, Newspress controlled the embargo of information – only distributing relevant content to select individuals at pre-agreed times. This coincided with the project’s general press releases and media updates distributed globally to the automotive media.

With the project’s data kept secure on Newspress’s servers, all transmissions were encrypted to ensure the cars’ details remained confidential until the night of the unveil. A secure download service was employed for the distribution of all embargoed content, ensuring only the intended recipient was able to access.

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