Be it on the on land, at sea, or even on the beach, the iconic Lotus Esprit remains one of the all-time great Bond cars. Making waves in the blockbuster The Spy Who Loved Me,

The Esprit S1 caused a stir when it made its big screen debut in 1977.

Ian Fleming fans attending this month’s Bicester Heritage Super Scramble are in for a treat, as an iconic Lotus Esprit S1 is set to appear as part of the Norfolk marque’s heritage display at the Bicester Heritage Super Scramble on June 23rd. Flanked by two of the company’s current models the Esprit will be just one of the outstanding cars at the must-attend event for motoring enthusiasts.

The story of how the Esprit auditioned for its star role is now the stuff of Lotus legend. Determined that Eon Productions used the company’s latest car for the next Bond installment, Lotus’ then PR manager, Don McLaughlan, mischievously parked a de-badged prototype on the back lot of Pinewood Studios – right outside the production offices. He lay in wait, until the Eon team approached and began fawning over the car, before casually reappearing and driving away.

Within months the Esprit was filming key scenes for the movie, on location in Sardinia, including the famous mountain chase sequence. However, the Lotus’ exploits didn’t end there and, in typical Bond style, the Esprit famously dives off a dockside before transforming into the submersible ‘Wet Nellie’.

The Lotus heritage display will form part of the exhibits in Exhibition Hangar 113 on site at Bicester Heritage for the Super Scramble on  June 23. For more information visit the Bicester Heritage website.